Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween Fun

Here is some Halloween fun that even the littlest crafter can do. This is listed on the Martha Stewart Web site at this link.
I can't wait to try this one with Masen. I think he will really have fun with this one!!! Here is what you will need.

Tools and Materials
6-inch glow stick
Eye hook
6-inch Styrofoam ball
Hot-glue gun
3-inch Styrofoam ball
2 mini glow sticks
8 glow necklaces
Clear elastic
Glow-Stick Spider How-To
1. Make the body: Snap the 6-inch glow stick, and shake. Screw an eye hook into the 6-inch Styrofoam ball, center it, and secure it with low-temperature hot glue. Insert the glow stick through the side of the ball, leaving about 1 1/2 inches exposed. (To insert the glow stick, use the end of the glow stick to scoop out a bit of the Styrofoam, then exert a lot of pressure to push the stick into the ball.)
2. Make the head: Insert the exposed portion of the glow stick into the 3-inch Styrofoam ball. Take two mini glow sticks and snap them. Insert them into the head for eyes.
3. Make the legs: First, activate the glow necklaces by bending and then shaking them. Insert the glow necklaces into the 6-inch Styrofoam ball -- four on each side, about 1 inch apart.
4. Tie a length of clear elastic to the eye hook, then hang the spider from a tree branch or a hook.

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Julie said...

These are so cool I really want to try them out!

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