Thursday, December 31, 2009


Do these trees really fit back in to the box! Next year I am getting Giant plastic wrap, and wrapin this thing up lights, decorations and all!! I have all things Christmas packed and ready to go into the attic until next year. I am enjoying a clean house but the is a sigh of sadness to pack up all that Christmas delight.

** I did find a sucker stick, small toy cow and a napkins stuck in my tree...hmmm wonder who put that there!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leftover Christmas Ham?

I have never used a Pressure Cooker befor. Mr Safety spent 2 years in Brazil living off of food cooked in a pressure cooker. I am scared of the things, I envision the house exploding with some crazy mishap. I am here to tell you its not that scary!! I was very pleased.

First I "Quick Soaked" my Great Northern Beans by keeping a 2 cups of water to 1 cup of Bean ratio.
Bring Beans and water to Boil
Boil for 2 mins
Cover for and hour drain water
My pressure cooker said to add 5 cups of water for dried beans so that's what I did
added my leftover diced ham, dried onion, salt and pepper
**I followed the instructions that came with my cooker**
bring to pressure on high once it starts to left off steam or jiggle turn down to med-low (like a 4-5 on my stove) then start time
20 MIN that is it I tell you, 20 minutes to this yummy dinner!!! LOVE IT

Sunday, December 27, 2009

SnowMan Kit

Ok now that I have given this gift I can post about it! G was so excited to give a gift that she can use!
This fun little kit went to her Pop and Grandma


1 Black Hat
1 Red Scarf
2 Rocks eyes
1 carrot Nose
Handful of rocks for a mouth
3 tin buttons
2 sticks for arms
2 mittens

***Just add Snow

Found the hat and scarf at the store
I hot glued tin lids from canning jars and painted them Black for buttons.
Found some rocks (in my neighbors yard!) and painted them black also.
The carrot nose was hard to find (I wanted a fake one) I looked at a couple stores and ended up finding it at Hobby Lobby.
Mr Safety cut some branches of our tree for arms.
I think it turned out cute, a fun gift for someone who gets to live where it SNOWS!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Is he here yet?

Just Checking

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We have been Busy Baking

If you want a yummy easy Holiday Treat my Sugared Almonds "how to" is HERE

Christmas Tag

Christmas Tag

1. Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Yes and finished! (in November)

2. Tell me about one of your special traditions.

Baking as a Family. Temple Lights, Zoo Lights taking walks at night to see the lights (um we like lights)
Coco Latte!!!

3. When do you put up your tree?

Day after Thanksgiving

4. Are you a Black Friday shopper?

No, but if YOU go I will send money

5. Do you travel at Christmas or stay home?

Home Sweet Home

6. What is your funniest Christmas memory?

G and the Purple House, maybe the Toots Hippo game.. she just makes so many. Or the time I shot Mr Saftey in the eye with a Candy Cane

7. What is your favorite Christmas movie of all time?

Elf (Christmas Vacations, A Christmas Story, Shreck The Halls)

8. Do you do your own Christmas baking? What's your favorite treat?
Oh man we do, Sugar Almonds, Fudge, Divinity, Cookies, Carmel Pop Corn ....stop me now!
9. Fake or real tree?

Fake Tree and LOVE IT

10. What day does the actual panic set in to get it all done?
Oh I love to Panic Year Round.

11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?


12. What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas?
Playing Games and eating, and Polor Express

13. What Christmas Craft do you like the best?

I am going to call Baking and EATING a craft!

14. Christmas music? Yes or no
Yes it starts after Thanksgiving

15. When do you plan to finish all your shopping?

I thought I was done, I need a 100 watt light blub, (Santa ask me to pick it up)

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