Wednesday, July 27, 2011

paint + sweat = new room makeover!!

I had the oppurtunity to makeover my friend's little boys bedroom! I was more than thrilled! She was going out of town for 1 week...Saturday to Saturday...I procrastinated a bit and started Wednesday! We barely made it! She had the bed and the bedding, and my budget was $100. $100 goes faster than one might think...a few accessories and paint and I was spent. But that's when you get to be creative and resourceful. We reused frames she already had and a we used a bookshelf, that I was getting ready to donate, as the dresser. I may have gone over budget...just slightly. But it turned out great and he was SuPeR excited. And thats all that matters!! He loves cars, firetrucks, construction and trains. So we threw a little of everything in there to make a transportation room!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, I saw an idea from Jen's website and I thought it was a great idea! My phone and modem are right next to each other on the counter and it's just kinda ugly. So I bought an UgLy tray at Ross for like $2.99. Steal of a deal! It was ugly brown floral, for some reason I have lost my before picture. But in this pic, you can kinda see the pretty flowers that it had on it, and picture it a real nice poopy brown color.
 I did a few quick coats with my favorite shade of blue!
It helped take my kinda boring mess in to something a bit more tamed and colorful.
 And I think I love it!
 Don't mind the unfinished day this decade, they might get completed, and the ripped up wall next to the cabinets...let's just say, there is some moving of the cabinets happening around here!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Thanks to Ms Kristy we had a busy craft day, I gave all the girls the "Glitter Treatment" on their toes and the Girls Tied their cute flip flops.

How did they make them?
$1.00 Wal Mart Flip Flops
6 inch pieces of ribbon (no that is not an Elf joke its really is 6")
 We found that if you don't double knot they come off and we should have put  "fray glue" on the ends so they will not fray.

Don't you want your kids to have fun like this at day care?
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