Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Wallet

I needed a new wallet,
 PATTERN: I will be referring to these pieces as A, B, or C

1/2 Yard of material (I used some scraps that I had, preferably two colors)
1/4 Yard medium interface
Sewing Machine

1-Cut out all fabric according to pattern. Iron if needed.
2- Start with Pattern C. Hopefully you cut 4, separate into to piles. With Right sides together sew 3 edges together leaving the bottom open. Right side out and set aside.

3-Take section B, separate into two piles: 1 interface, 2 fabric/pile. Place fabric right sides together, then the interface, pin, sew 3 edges, leaving the bottom open, right side out and set aside.

 4-Take 1 Piece of C and 1 Piece of B, center C on top of B. Sew 3 edges leaving top open, it is ok that the bottom is unfinished.

5-Take the second piece of C and sewing it on the same B piece as the other lining it up with the bottom. Leaving the top open and the raw edges sew together at the bottom.
6-Take Fabric from A, Place in the following order, fabric right side up, interface, fabric right side down to it is like a sandwich with the right side face out. Pin "B" to both sides of "A" as shown below. Sew the bottom and the edges together leaving the middle open. Right side out.
 7-If for any reason the you have an unfinished seem in the middle of your wallet tuck your seem inward and make a small stitch.

Congrats you are all finished!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flower Necklaces

Scrap material, in strips of 1" thick and 12" long, (I used black chiffon and gray satin)
2" X 2" cut squares, preferably the same color as other material
Necklace chains (I got mine from Michael's)
Hot glue gun
Thread that will match the color of chain and a small needle that will fit through the bead.
Beads (Also from Michael's)

 Cut your strips, then iron them in half so they are now 1/2" wide.

 Put a dot of hot glue in the center of the 2" X 2" square. Roll up your 1/2" strip about 3 times and place on hot glue with fold side showing up and raw edges on hot glue. Drawing a spiral with your hot glue, about an inch at a time, place your strip on top of it.  Continue with the spiral until the strip is complete.

 My completed flowers. Once they are all done, trip the 2" X 2" square tightly around flower.

To get my positioning correct lay out my chain and hot glue the flowers onto it. I then hand stitch the chain to the necklace to secure each flower.

If you want to add some beads to your chain thread your needle through the bead. Just before you pull your thread all the way through the bead, place a dot of hot glue on the bead to secure the thread.

I am using gray thread so you can see it on the necklace but make sure to match the thread to the color of your chain. Sew the bead to the chain on where you would like it.

Continue sewing beads until you have your desired look.

My dog Baloo was nice enough to model this necklace.  

 Hope you have fun making these little beauties!
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