Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep them Learning this Summer

Summer begins for us this week, I have a little game plan for some summer learning.

To keep our writing skills sharp we are playing with Sidewalk chalk, writing letters, names and any other words we want. This is usually followed by a crazed coloring frenzy and a little discussion( dare I say fight) over who gets to spray the water to wash it off.

We also plan on writing some letters to family and friends, I found some sweet "G" cards. I am excited to see what fun stories G wants to write about.

Science will be explored by learning about the planets! I found some great Beginner readers from Scholastic books about the planets!
My sister in law also gave me a great website on Science to do at home HERE! They sell different kits but also at the bottom of the page are links to the Top 10 Science Experiments the first it the Mentos/Diet Coke. Check out the Corn Starch GOO Wow we are ready to explore maybe we should get some sweet white coats! *hint hint* if you see any!

Reading- I have been stocking up on a few new books from Scholastic and am using a website that was referred to me by G's preschool teacher called .I found magnets with "Site Words" on them at Wal Mart by a company called Active Minds

Art/Hands On G Love's foam stickers, if you have received any art from her lately you will have noticed this trend. I found a Butterfly and an Ocean Pack of foam stickers for her to work on. Watch out world hear we come!

Pudding Painting, I love to paint with pudding, I just make up an instant pack of vanilla, divide it up into different bowls add different colors and we have edible paint for all! It is a big smearing, eating mess of a time, maybe do it out side!

Over all learning I found great workbooks at Costco, Wal Mart and Barns and Nobel select the Grade level
Kumon Books
American Education Publishing Everything for Early Learning

WHAT are you doing to keep the kids happy this summer! Share your ideas! Please..........


Sissy said...

My plan for the summer is to try not to strangle both my boys this summer!!JK We are going to the old people home and the boys are going to play chess, checkers etc and I am going to be painting fingernails!

Julie said...

by "old people house" is that Pop's and Grandma D's house? just checking!( I know so funny right!) I feel any summer children live through is an amazment, just today only the 3rd day of summer G told S as she yanked a toy away, "Stop bugging me" S responded with his awesome "I am irritated" scream back at her...awh summer time fun

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