Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vintage Mirror Look

I do love pinterest.  This is were the information for this project came from:

I would reference this for the font styles for your silhouette cameo.

I started at the thrift store to get some frames.  I found two, one that would need to be painted, one that was perfect the way it was.  Then I was off to home depot to get spray paint.

Separate the glass and the frame.  If you need to paint the frame do that.  Then using your Looking Glass Spray Paint and a used a gold metallic or silver I spray painted first with the silver or gold right on to the glass.  I did a light spray on the corners of the glass, and a light spray in the center.  Let dry about 1 minute.  Now you are ready for the Looking Glass spray paint.  Spray the whole glass.  Do about two coats and let dry. 
As it starts to dry, you can see the color change.

Now it is time for the Silhouette Vinyl Portion.  I would reference the above website for her fonts.  She did a grab job explaining!

Happy Crafting! Amanda

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