Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some paint and glaze

I inherited this coffee table from my sister...and she got it from my brother. I like the shape of it but I'm so over honey wood. So I bought some spray paint and went to town!
I thought glaze would be rad over the top of has lots of crevices and gauges and flaws/ glaze would bring all of that awesomeness out!

pre-glaze...rad but not super rad
 See all those cracks...they need glaze! For awesome tips and how to's on glazing go to All things Thrifty! Super awesome site and tutorials!
 Rub glaze on with a sponge brush...I get pretty dirty during this part. I like to squeeze the glaze out of the foam brush so it soaks into every crevice. This is the glaze I used...I just added black paint to it to tint it.
 Then rub it off...or don't. I lightly rubbed mine off. On the sides where there weren't many cracks, I left it a bit more glazed.

 Now I vote that it is super rad! And I still think it looks very comfy for Crew to take his naps on!


Amanda said...

The table turned out AMAZING!!! Nice work.

Julie said...

I 2nd the super RAD vote!

Beth said...

Rock on! My inspirational juices are totally flowing now!

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