Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, I saw an idea from Jen's website and I thought it was a great idea! My phone and modem are right next to each other on the counter and it's just kinda ugly. So I bought an UgLy tray at Ross for like $2.99. Steal of a deal! It was ugly brown floral, for some reason I have lost my before picture. But in this pic, you can kinda see the pretty flowers that it had on it, and picture it a real nice poopy brown color.
 I did a few quick coats with my favorite shade of blue!
It helped take my kinda boring mess in to something a bit more tamed and colorful.
 And I think I love it!
 Don't mind the unfinished countertops...one day this decade, they might get completed, and the ripped up wall next to the cabinets...let's just say, there is some moving of the cabinets happening around here!


Amanda Bullard said...

Nicely done MC!

Julie said...

i love that the cabnits are getting moved!!!

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