Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Girl Room



It has been busy at our house we have a new KINDERGARTNER this year  I wanted her to have a special big girl room. My friend had given me her Dads old furniture from when he was younger and I have be waiting for the inspiration to do some thing with it, well my inspiration comes in the form of Ms Malissa Cordova and her Entourage. I started with getting the furniture ready.  Cleaned it with TSP (a life saver) and sanding it down, primed it, sanded again, painted sand a bit more painted more and more. Then beat it up with sand paper and a dark brown glase.(you may need someone to hold your hand (MC) while you do this..its stressful to "ruin" or "antiquing" something you just slaved over making perfect!) Finished it with Polyurethane. It just lovely. The Room color is "Pineapple upside Down Cake" and The Poor Painting Crew had to paint 6 coats to cover the purple, with a tinted primer? Don't know why it took so long. It really was a group effort to surprise Gionni with her new room they did it in TWO days, (allot of the prep and shopping was done before) the kids helped paint the purple letters, find books for the room and Zee made the awesome tutu for the Guinea Pigs cage. Troy Boy added his touch in butterflies and nail guns. Pretty sure Kristy just got stuck with slave labor ;) and MC is the master designer (who is available for hire) Ms G was thrilled! "Its just what I dreamed of " she said when she saw it. I feel so loved for everyone that helped! It made for a special day for a special girl.
PS The budget was $100.00 (minus what is cost to redo the furniture)

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