Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leftover Christmas Ham?

I have never used a Pressure Cooker befor. Mr Safety spent 2 years in Brazil living off of food cooked in a pressure cooker. I am scared of the things, I envision the house exploding with some crazy mishap. I am here to tell you its not that scary!! I was very pleased.

First I "Quick Soaked" my Great Northern Beans by keeping a 2 cups of water to 1 cup of Bean ratio.
Bring Beans and water to Boil
Boil for 2 mins
Cover for and hour drain water
My pressure cooker said to add 5 cups of water for dried beans so that's what I did
added my leftover diced ham, dried onion, salt and pepper
**I followed the instructions that came with my cooker**
bring to pressure on high once it starts to left off steam or jiggle turn down to med-low (like a 4-5 on my stove) then start time
20 MIN that is it I tell you, 20 minutes to this yummy dinner!!! LOVE IT

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