Sunday, December 27, 2009

SnowMan Kit

Ok now that I have given this gift I can post about it! G was so excited to give a gift that she can use!
This fun little kit went to her Pop and Grandma


1 Black Hat
1 Red Scarf
2 Rocks eyes
1 carrot Nose
Handful of rocks for a mouth
3 tin buttons
2 sticks for arms
2 mittens

***Just add Snow

Found the hat and scarf at the store
I hot glued tin lids from canning jars and painted them Black for buttons.
Found some rocks (in my neighbors yard!) and painted them black also.
The carrot nose was hard to find (I wanted a fake one) I looked at a couple stores and ended up finding it at Hobby Lobby.
Mr Safety cut some branches of our tree for arms.
I think it turned out cute, a fun gift for someone who gets to live where it SNOWS!

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Christa said...

What a wonderful idea

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