Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet the Baby that made me want a Baby

Meet Miss E
Amazing smart sweet Girl needs you to vote to help research PKU
Below is a note from her mom

Hello everyone!

I have a simple request that I'm hoping a lot of you will be willing to help with.

As some of you know, my daughter Miss E has PKU. She is limited on her protein in take everyday. If she does not follow a strict diet, this disorder can cause mental retardation. She was diagnosed at birth with a heel prick. ( think about every time your children had to have their heels pricked and everything was okay).

This is such a rare disorder that there is hardly ever any research for it. However, right now there is a chance to be able to get funding for PKU research through the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. If any of you would be able to vote each day or as many days as possible for the next two weeks we would appreciate it very much. Right now we are in 13th place and only the top 10 get the funding but we have been steadily making progress. Although you can vote for 10 categories PLEASE only vote for PKU - any other votes would count against us. To vote please log onto the link below. You will need to create a login and use it each time you vote. Just click on the box that says "Vote for this idea" then copy the goofy message, when you hear the pepsi being poured your done.

Thank you so much to anyone that takes a few minutes to do this!

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