Friday, June 25, 2010

Do You Need a Baby Guinea Pig

Four Days OLD
They will get at least 4 times larger!
We will be able to determine their sex at 3 weeks which will  be the 2nd week in July and they will be ready for a new home!
Baby number ONE is an adventurer, this baby was the first to explore and first to find the food! Its carmel and white in color. ..Update.... BABY number 1 Has a Home NOW!!!!!
Baby number TWO is our silly little one with the one black eye and ear. This baby has sweet little calic like "swooshes" on its back similar to a Abyssinian guinea pigs they call them "crowning crest" this baby is our big eater right now! Loves to be held close.

Baby number THREE, look at this sweet, has a black face and a little black bum, with white markings in he shape of a T on the face. This baby is so silky soft and a little shy. Loves to be wrapped up and held close

What will you need to have a new Piggy at your House?

Their Home

Guinea Pigs require a larger cage than most small animals because they can not use a running wheel or a ball (they can injure their backs).  We had our 2 in a smaller cage and once we went to a bigger cage they were so happy, running around, pop corning (which is a jumping thing they do). It was very apparent they are happier with more space.

We ordered from Walmart (who shipped free from a 3rd party) the
Midwest Pets Guinea Habitat PLUS  for $52.95 it is 8 square feet


I clean 2 times a week (but currently I have 5 piggy's, when we only had the 2 I cleaned 1 a week)

We have Carefress (bedding) on the feeding side of the cage and a Fleace blanket on the other
I use a dust pan and broom to clean out the "droppings" and bedding and spray down the cage with a vinegar and water mix.

MDW1246: Ships Via Small Parcel Ground

The Guinea Habitat Plus comes with a very convenient, easy to operate wire mesh top. Most would agree that Guinea Pigs are not known for the climbing or jumping ability, however the wire top securely protects our Guinea Pig friends from the outside environment. Keeping them safe and healthy! During our research on the Guinea Habitat Midwest found that Guinea Pigs tend to make the majority of their mess in the same area that they eat. In response to this information Midwest developed the ''Care Area'' divider. The ''Care Area'' Divider is a wire frame habitat divider that is completely adjustable and comes equipped with a ramp system that allows the Guinea Pig easy access between the ''Care Area'' and Play Area within their Habitat. The ability to separate these areas in the Habitat restricts the majority of the mess to the ''Care Area'' making it easier to for the Pet Parent to keep the Guinea Pig clean, healthy and happy!

•''Care Area'' Divider with Ramp Covers
•Full Removable Wire Mesh Top
•Leak-Proof, Easy to Attach and Remove, Washable Canvas Bottom
•Lock-in-Place Doors Double as Ramps
•Attractive Epoxy Coated Panels Provide Ample Play Area (8 Sq. Ft.)
•No Tools or Connecting Pieces Required
•Safe & Expandable, Sets Up Complete in Seconds
•Great for Indoor or Outdoor Use
•Folds Flat for Storage & Travel

Their Bedding
We use a mix of Carefresh Bedding and sent free Aspen bedding a very large bag is about $20.00 and aleast 2-3 months

Their Food and Water
I buy there food from Wal Mart
Small World Guinea Pig Pellets it is about $5.00 and last a about Month
Timothy Hay also about $5.00 and it last 2 Months
  Buy a large water bottle that hooks to the cage they are $5-$7 and need refilling every 4-5 days
Veggies and Fruits of all kinds
Their Personality
The squeak and talk when happy or excited.  They are a little nervous when you try to pick them up but once they are close to you they calm right down. They love to run in tunnels, burrow in blankets and snuggle with you.
We are holding the babies  everyday so the will be use to being held our daughter is 4 1/2 and she also is holding them.
If you would like to add a pet to your family we are are asking a $25.00 "re-homing" fee, please leave a comment if you are interested with your email and I will contact you!.


Christa said...

Wow I can't beleive they are already here! Hope you find homes for everyone.

Jakob said...

Guinea Pigs require a larger cage than most small animals because they ...

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