Sunday, June 27, 2010

Faux-Canvas prints!

Thank you Kristen Duke for this great Project.

What you will need.

Picture (we did 12x12) $2.99 at Costco
Wood- We used a 2x4 MDF the was 3/4" thick $10.12 (makes 8 12x12 pieces)
Mod Podge Matte finish for Top of Photo (we used the gloss to glue the pic to the board only because we had 2   bottles between us and the Matte was half way gone and we wanted to save it for the top)
Foam Brush (we used a 2") $.67
Spray Paint $3.44
Picture Hanger  $1.94

First Choose your Photo, if you are cropping your photo in your photo editing program crop to the size your are going to print. I did a "custom" crop of 12x12.  A unique shape for a picture and I think a perfect square looks so nice in a group of pictures.

Print Picture.
We uploaded to Costco and had them print a 12x12 for $2.99 we did a lustre finish

Get Wood
Home Depot grab your piece of MDF 2x4 and take it back to the "Cutting Center" ask for 8 12x12 pieces. They may tell you that you will loose and 1/8 or so with each cut but ours turned out just fine

We sprayed the sides and edges of each board

Make sure Photo fits nicely on board, trim any over hang
Apply the Mod Pod-ge to the board AND the back of the Photo (paying special attention to the sides) press
firmly, we used an old cotton T-Shirt to press down

This is the Brave part
Use a new foam brush and apply Matte Finish Mod pod-ge
Use a good amount of glue so you can pull down the length of the photo

Let them Dry

Attach Picture Hanger to back
The nails are so tiny I use a needle nose to hold them in place to hammer in

Hang and Enjoy!

The total cost per picture was about $7.00
Which if you compare to Costco's $40.00 for canvas print PLUS $30.00 to ship
this is pretty much the greatest DEAL ever!


Kristy said...

They turned out awesome!!

Christa said...

Thanks for the idea that is great!

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