Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bathroom Make Over

My Girlfriend nicely told me my downstairs bathroom "looked like her Grandma's" meaning really Julie how long has it looked like this, I thought, hmmm yeah about 8 years? Is that too long? What do I know.
My inspiration came for two places, 1st my sons first hair cut at the locale Barber shop. It was three generations, Pop, Daddy and Birthday boy. (tradition to not cut there hair until age 1) I loved all the pictures I though how can I hang them all. The 2nd was a bathroom in the movie "The Ghost of Girlfriends Past" crappy movie but they had a RAD huge bathroom with tall black trim that I loved.

Before After

I started with printing the pictures in different sizes ranging from 16x12, 12x12, 11x14, 5x7 and 4x6(which if I did it again I would not print smaller than a 5x7 go big or go home) hung them with Lock Tight (the blue sticky stuff)

I spray painted the cabinet and roughed it up with stand paper, the sprayed on a clear coat
Borrowed a Miter Saw and Nail gun, cut and hung trim, filled in nail holes with wood puddy and sanded
Removed my mirror that was held on by two plastic screws and two little mettle clips on the bottom (we left the mettle clips) Used Mirror Glue and Glued mirror back to wall, put plastic screws back on to let mirror glue set up for 72 hours. Then removed plastic screws and put on the Trim with liquid nails.. Paint the back of the trim before you hang as it will reflect in the mirror. I painted the front and back before we glue and had planned on touching up but none was needed.

I LOVE LOVE my new bathroom.


Amanda said...

It turned out AWESOME!

Malissa Cordova said...

Totally rad!! I love it!

Sissy said...

So cute!

Linda said...

All of you did such a good job.

Beth said...

Love it! It's even more awesome in person!

House of Smith's said...

This looks GREAT!
I love all the details :)

And the fun pictures!
Nice work!
~Shelley Smith

Malissa Cordova said...

I mean seriously!! She is like a celebrity!! I love that she took the time to comment! Love her!

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